One Distance Energy Healing & Protection Session

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This is for one distance energy healing. The emphasis is on protection.

I know from personal experience how life's challenges can damage your aura and bleed your life force. When that happens it makes everything else much more difficult than it has to be.

If you're working in a difficult environment where you're being stressed on many levels this is the type of support you need to get through it as strong as possible.

The types of professions that benefit most from distance energy sessions are:

Holistic practitioners (eg. massage therapists, energy workers and physical therapists)

Medical staff (eg. nurses, doctors, trauma counselors, emergency care workers etc.)

A recent traumatic event (eg. the loss of a spouse or child or a divorce)

'Sensitive' people or 'empaths' (these are often people who may be very perceptive, but are unaware of the energetic damage they live with)

You can try one month of these sessions to see how you feel at the end of it. Some people only need one month of care.


It's best to build up your spiritual protection over several months until you feel you are stable enough energetically to continue without the support.

Some clients have ongoing monthly spiritual protection for years.

This is what's included in the monthly distance energy healing and protection sessions;

  • repairing any damage and strengthening the aura
  • clearing and balancing the major chakras
  • clearing and protecting the subconscious mind
  • removing any curses, hexes or dark cords
  • clearing and protecting the client's timeline and karmic history
  • the removal or closure of portals and other nefarious blockages
  • healing damage along timelines and in the Akashic records
  • ridding your energy of interloping entities

I use my eclectic brand of energy work which includes reiki, the LHP, requests of spirit guardians and archangels and Divine guidance and protection to strengthen your spirit.

There is follow up via email. I will send a full pdf report of the session which includes practical suggestions based psychic information.

Please contact Renee for more details.


One month of distance energy healing & protection sessions which includes follow up via email.

One Distance Energy Healing Session

One Distance Energy Healing & Protection Session